Business development and IT services

  1. Market research, information gathering, analysis of clients and business partners.
  2. Translation of technical and marketing documents: English-to-Russian, Russian-to-English.
  3. Meetings with prospective clients and partners in English- and Russian-speaking countries.
  4. Creative participation in commercial negotiations, structuring and closing of win-win deals.
  5. Organization and delivery of presentations for governmental institutions and authorities.
  6. Drafting bilingual contracts in English and Russian (NDA, LOI, MOU, license agreements).
  7. Scanning and converting of paper documents into electronic formats (PDF, EPS, SVG).
  8. Preparation of reports, presentations, spreadsheets in MS Office; export to PDF.
  9. Typesetting documents in desktop publishing systems (InDesign, Corel, TeX).
  10. Development of standards-based web sites (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, PHP, JS).